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Vehicle Security Systems Glasgow, Car Alarm, Immobiliser, Trackers, Fitted Across Glasgow And Much Of Strathclyde.
Based In Giffnock, Glasgow, VSSG ( Vehicle Security Systems Glasgow ) Supply And Fit
Most Of The Most Modern And Reliable Car/ Van alarms And Security Systems Available.
With Fully Guaranteed Insurance Approved (Thatcham ) Vehicle Security Installations At Your Home Or Your Workplace
- And Warranty / Service At The Original Installation Address,
We Aim To Provide You With A Level Of Excellence And Convenience That Is Second To None
In The Vehicle Security Installation And Service Sector

Please Scroll down this Page To Find Out More About The Car Alarms, Van Alarms
And Security Systems We Supply And Fit Across Glasgow And Surrounding Areas.

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Now Installing Throughout Scotland!

Even With Added Locks!!!
New 'peel and steal' craze sees thieves
Taking tools worth thousands
in seconds.

We can now install in conjunction with an alarm system,
sensors at the top of van doors that will sense the
peeling back of Van doors,
Even if its just a couple of centimetres!!

Unless Locks Are Fitted Top AND Centre Of Van Doors
This Is What Can happen.
To A Certain Extent Locks Have Been Effective But With "Peeling Back"
The Locks Have To Be Placed Around The Each Door.
Also Bare In Mind Adding Locks Void The Vehicle
Anti Corrosion Warranty And Rust And stains
Can appear Very Quickly.

Anti Peel Back sensors DONT Cause Rust And DO NOT Void The Vehicle Warranty

Outwith Glasgow?
We Are now At Your Service.
Edinburgh, Kirkcaldy, Glenrothes, Dunfermline, Dundee, Lothians and Borders.
Fully Guaranteed "On-site" Warranty And Installations.

For The Best And Most Reliable Systems In Vehicle Security
For The Best And Most Reliable Service In The Industry.
For The Best Vehicle Security installers In Scotland.

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Keep Your Car From Becoming A Shopping Spree For Thieves


Gone In 4 Seconds,
Did you know most cars today are still not alarmed,
even most new cars only have immobilisers
fitted as standard.

With The Correct tools,
A modern Day Car thieve can break a car window
making Almost No sound.

Why Make It Easy?
A Car Or Van Alarm Is Usually A good Enough Deterant to make them Think Twice
- lets face it they don't want to be caught.

Fact - a Thieve will always take the easy option
i.e the car or van with no Alarm.

A new breed of criminal is lurking the streets. Thieves are targeting unsuspecting motorists AND their vehicles.
Purses, laptops, Sat-Navs Tools and other valuables, are the main targets.

These thieves are not just after your valuables,
but are also after your identity.

Protect yourself.

  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Keep your car windows closed at all times.
  • Never leave your keys in your car.
  • Never leave valuables in plain view.
  • Secure your car and valuables before reaching your destination.
  • Lock your doors every time you enter or exit your vehicle always turn your alarm on.
  • Always report crimes and or suspicious activity to your local Police Station.



Sigma S30 Thatcham Cat 1  Car Alarm System Fitted Glasgow, Scotland.

  • Basic Thatcham Category 1 alarm/immobiliser system, providing perimeter and ultrasonic interior protection only.
  • Supplied with 2 x single button radio keys, self powered siren, keypad and status LED
  • Dual immobilisation circuits
  • Key theft protection facility, interior lamp illumination, (separate module required)
  • programming and diagnostic via CP3 workshop programmer

Security Features

  • 2 x single button radio keys
  • Perimeter protection circuit for boot and bonnet (negative input)
  • Perimeter protection circuit for doors (positive or negative input)
  • Ignition detection circuit
  • Ultrasonic interior protection can be turned off when leaving pets inside the vehicle
  • ( note this function is not available with the standard single button remotes supplied)
  • 2 x circuit, passively setting, immobilisation (18 amp continuous )
  • Manual arm, using the radio key, auto arm, which automatically arms the system 60 seconds after the last door is shut.
  • Auto re arm - if a door is not opened within 60 seconds of disarming the system -adjustable between 1 and 99 seconds. Auto re-arm also re-locks the vehicle
  • Last trigger identification via the dashboard LED and a record of the elapsed time since the last trigger, can be recalled using a CP3 workshop programmer
  • Additional plug in single stage sensor socket ( optional accessories)
  • Additional plug in dual stage sensor socket and siren pre-warn facility ( optional accessories) 

Convenience Features

  • Armed output (negative 200mA max )      
  • The sensors are excludable using the keypad, ignition or remotely with the optional two button radio key)

Personal Safety Features

  • Auto lock can be programmed to lock the vehicle at the start of a journey when the ignition is turned on, and then unlock when the ignition is turned off.
  • This can be excluded on individual occasions
  • Panic feature switched using the radio key or an optional internal button


Cat 2-1 Modular Thatcham Approved Car Alarm G198
Fitted Glasgow, Scotland.



  • Thatcham Cat 2-1 Upgrade Car Alarm with On Site Installation Across  Glasgow And Much Of Strathclyde.
  • Mini Modular Design
  • 1 Programmable Output
  • 5 Wire Central Door Locking
  • Intelligent Ultrasonics with square plastic brackets
  • New Remote Control Colour (Max 4)
  • Cobra BUS (Only for kits with BBS)
  • Wire Cutting Protection
  • Optional Touch Key & ADR Card
  • Panic Facility.                                  
     car / Van Alarm Installation At Your Home Or Workplace Across Glasgow.
   Thatcham Approved Cat 1  car  alarms  fitted Glasgow, Scotland. 
Pager/Accessories output
Intelligent re-arm / passive arm
Indicator flash
2 circuit immobilisation

Ultrasonic interior protection.
Thatcham approved car alarm / immobiliser fitted Glasgow, Scotland.
Viper 480 xv.     
with On Site Installation Across  Glasgow And Much Of Strathclyde.

Product Features 

  • 5-Channel Security System
  • 3-Point Immobilisation
  • Includes One 2-Way Transmitter + One 4-button 1-Way Transmitter NEW STYLE
  • Remotely Adjustable Ultrasonic Sensors
  • ESP2 Battery Back-Up Siren
  • Dual Multiplex input for additional Dual Zone sensors with warn away
  • Doors, Bonnet and Boot Protection
  • Indicator Light Flash
  • Remote Central Locking
  • 19 Icon Display Remote
  • Multi Car Control
  • Comfort Closure
  • Sensor Bypass Facility
  • Ultra-bright Blue LED
  • PIN Override and Valet Mode
  • Passive Arming
  • Bitwriter Programmable

     Call us Now,
And Speak to A Vehicle Security Expert!

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calls cost no more than calling Numbers
Starting 0141 Or 02 Even Using A Mobile,
They Are Also Included As Part Of Inclusive Call Minutes.

Autowatch 457 Rli

Car Security Industry Leaders.

Thatcham Category 1457Rli/T
Remote Ultrasonic Car Alarm/Immobiliser System (457-004) Fitted Glasgow, Scotland.



Approval no. TC2 906/0198 with On Site Installation Across  Glasgow And Much Of Strathclyde.

This System Represents The Next Generation
In The THATCHAM Car Alarm/Immobiliser Systems Catagory 1 Standard.

Factory Fitted In South Africa By Both Ford And Volkswagon,
Plus Peugeot, Renault And Mitsubishi In Israel !
The Autowatch 457 RLI/T Cat 1, Is THE Professional's Cat 1.

Product Summary
Truly Unequaled Featurs And Functions List.
Encrypted High Quality Remote Control, 4 Button, With Built In
Battery Level Indicator.

Secure Pin Code Override, If The Alarms Remote Is Lost Or Damaged, You're
Not Left Stranded! The Autowatch 457 Rli
Has A high security emergency P.I.N. override Procedure via ign switch,
Entry Alert , With Memory Report Back.

Built In Car Locator ( For Example, If you've ever lost your car in a car park at
night, just press the "car locator" button on your AUTOWATCH remote,
the cars hazzard's will light up and will stay constantly
On (won't flash will stay bright on) creating a Bright band of light around your car.)

INTRUSION DETECTION Perimeter (Door, Window, Sunroof, Boot & Bonnet)

Early Warning Sensor input.
Digital Ultrasonic Movement Sensors (Self Adjusting Digital Smart Ultraonic Movement
Sensors Can be Switched Off from The Remote When Leaving Pets In Vehicle. )

Super High Intensity Bright Blue LASER Status L.E.D
Microwave Movement Sensor (option)

Full Central locking output
Boot release ( cost option )
Window Closure facility (cost Option )
Turbo Timer output Cost Option ( 60 seconds )

Audible Or Silent Arm / Disarm Facility (Selectable From Remote Control)
False-alarm Nuisance Prevention

Alarm trigger Diagnostics
Rapid-test mode for installer

Courtesy light illumination On Disarm and
Ignition Off. (vehicle dependant)
On-board HEAVY DUTY dual Circuit Immobilisation.
Self-arming Immobiliser.

Battery back-up siren With Data Link
Auto Re-arm Alarm ( selectable )
Auto -arming Alarm (selectable )
Lock/Unlock with ignition (selectable )
Pager output neg out (Selectable)
Negative Output when armed (Selectable)
Ignition Anti-Hotwire Feature
Key Guard Anti-key Theft Anti Hi-Jack Facility ( Cost option, 
When "Key Guard" Is Installed, Even If A Thief Has Your Car Keys
And Autowatch Remote Control, Your vehicle will Be Impossible To Start! Similary In The Event Of A Hi-Jacked Vehicle
When The Vehicle Engine Is Switched Off It Will Then Be Impossible To Re-Start)
Indicator / Park-light Flashing

Door Open audible warning
Anti-tamper Security Housuing

Remote Panic Alarm Facility

Built In Wireless Sensor Capability e.g.
Install A Wireless Sensor In Your Garage,
If A Thief Enters, Your Autowatch 457 car alarm Will Sound
Even If Your Car Is Parked On The Street !

Built In Output for Gps/GSM Tracking And Paging Devices.
Thatcham And Insurance Approved Car Alarms Fitted Scotland.



  Authorised Dealers.        

Hornet 750  t With Fully Guaranteed Mobile Installations Across Glasgow, Scotland.

Manufactured  By The Same Company As Clifford car alarms And Viper Car alarms,
This Is Directed Electronics Entry Level alarm is Thatcham approved
for Cars and Vans and meets all insurance requirements.
The alarm system gives you ultimate peace of mind by covering all points of entry into your Vehicle,
The Hornet Can Be Said To Be A direct copy Of The Toad ai606, bringing that designe up to date.

* The Alarm system will cover your bonnet, front doors and rear cab doors
If  Fitted With Factory courtesy light switches.
If you require additiona doors / l lockers to be covered through the alarm system
An Additional Wireless Interface And Sensors Are Required.

  • Thatcham Evaluated Category 1
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • On-board Dual-Circuit Immobilisation
  • Battery Back-up Siren with data link
  • Bonnet and Front Door protection
  • On-board Ultrasonic Sensing - This alarm gives you the option to disable
  • the Internal Sensors if  leaving  pets inside but Require external protection
  • Red LED System Status Indicator
  • Valet/Service Mode 4-digit PIN
  • Central Door Locking Contro l(cost option)
  • On-board Door Locking Relays
  • 3 Aux Channels
  • MUX Input
  • Trigger Zone Identification
  • Hazard Flash on Arm/Disarm(vehicle Dependent)
  • Arm/Disarm Chirps On/Off Option

 Clifford Concept 650 MKii
Thatcham cat 1 Car alarm Fitted Across Glasgow.


Some vehicles may need an additional door motor to be fitted to activate remote central locking. Please phone to clarify.
Some vehicles may need an additional window module to be fitted to close the windows. Please email or phone to clarify.
Installed price from £379.99 (650mkii (u) Ultrasonic verion)depending on vehicle and Security Package Chosen.

Security System (Thatcham Category 1)
Clifford's entry-level Thatcham Category-1 system meets and exceeds the highest standards of the UK insurance industry
, and installing one may qualify you for discounted vehicle
insurance as a result. The Concept 650MkII's built-in tandem immobiliser circuit is self-arming soon after you park so that
your vehicle always remains protected, and these main
electronics also reside in an armoured-steel enclosure as an added security measure. Uniquely, this system is now offered
with three separate sensor-package options so
you can select the most suitable protection for your specific requirements; Choose from
Ultrasonic interior movement sensing, Dual-Zone Proximity which includes external warn-away zone,
or combined Glass Tamper and Tilt & Motion sensor packages – or perhaps even combine two or more options to be really secure!
Dual-Zone Proximity which includes external warn-away zone (additional £59.00),
or combined Glass Tamper and Tilt & Motion sensor packages (additional £50)
– or perhaps even combine two or more options to be really secure!
Central Locking output with On-board Door Lock Relays (where vehicle has central locking as standard)
Thatcham Approved (Category 1)
Dual-Circuit Imobiliser
Includes two new style 5-button Transmitters
On-board door Lock relays with double pulse lock/unlock capability*
BlackJax Anti-Carjacking System*
Dual-Zone Proximity Sensor*
SSPS5 Battery Backup Siren with
Data-link and 6-tone capability

Dome Light Supervision
3 Programmable Aux channel outputs
Total Closure capability*
Normally Closed Input
Programming upgrades (grid jump)
Programming upgrades (PIN free programming, grid jump, etc)



NB. Items marked with '*' will require additional installation costs

Call  VSSG Vehicle Security Systems Glasgow
0330 6600 489.

calls cost no more than calling Numbers Starting 0141 Or 02 Even Using A Mobile,
They Are Also Included As Part Of Inclusive Call Minutes.

VSSG.  Vehicle Security Systems Glasgow

Fully Fitted Car, Van And Motorhome Alarms And Security Specialists, GLASGOW Scotland.




If Service is Ever Required no need to take your vehicle back to a store and leave it for the day.

  Expert Thatcham Cat 1 Car Alarm Installations Across Glasgow

 And Surrounding Areas ( Motherwell, Hamilton, East KIlbride, Bellshill, Cumbernauld, Airdrie, Coatbridge,

Dumbarton, Clydebank, Paisley, Johnstone, Beith etc) Since 1988.

Whether It's A Top End Thatcham Approved Vehicle Security System Installed By A Thatcham Recognised Installer
Or Just A Great Quality Alarm For Your Own 'Peace Of Mind'
  Why Call A Car Audio Installer, Window Tinter Or 'Jack Of All Trades'?
For A Truly Professional Vehicle Security Installation Give The Vehicle Security Experts A Call,
We Are Always Happy To Help.


It's The Convenient Way To Professionally Secure Your Vehicle.



 Thatcham Cat 1 Systems, With 'On-site' Mobile Installation Start From Just £269.99*

*Dependand on type of vehicle And Location For Installation.


For A Fully Fitted Price On Any Of  The Cat 1 Car Alarm Systems Shown Or



 Did You Know? All Thatcham Approved Alarms Must Be Professionally Installed By Official Alarm Dealer 

To Retain  Cat 1 Status And In Most Cases Retain The Alarm Manufacturers Warranty ! 

Remember When We Install Your Vehicle Security System,


 You Can Rest Assured That You Are Always Covered By Our Unique Lifetime Onsite Warranty.


Thatcham Approved Products Are Insurance Approved

 And Can Sometimes Achieve A Discount On Your Insurance Premium.


 All Car Alarms On Our Site Are Covered By Our Unique Lifetime Onsite Warranty


Scroll Down This Page To Find Some Of The Most

  Popular, Reliable Cat 1 Car Alarm Systems Available !

 Hornet cat 1, Autowatch Cat 1, Toad Cat 1, Viper Cat 1 And Clifford Cat 1 Car Alarms.




**In Order To Receive A TRI, Thatcham Recognised Installer Certificate,


  You Must Specifically Request One Upon The Booking Of Your Car Alarm Installation.

<<<<<<<- Lifetime On-Site Warranty ->>>>>>>
For Your Complete Peace Of Mind,

You Security Installation Is Covered By Our Unique Onsite Warranty.

Which Means.............



no need to take your vehicle back to a store and leave it for the day.

*Service at Installation Address.

**Lifetime means your ownership of the vehicle

***Manufacturers Warranty Is Not Affected.

Car Alarms Fitted Scotland. Mobile Car Security Installations Throughout Scotland

 car alarm edinburgh, car alarm glasgow, car alarms perth, car alarms dundee car alarm aberdeen




Car Alarm Prices Valid For Installations Across Glasgow and A 10 mile Radius Of Glasgow And Edinburgh Installation Outwith This Area Can Incur An Extra Charge.

The Car Alarms On This Page Will Give Good Perimiter Protection,
But Are Not Thatcham Cat 1 Approved.


Viper 3303v


  • 2-Way 24-Channel Paging Responder Car Alarm with Keyless Entry, 
  • Includes one 5-button LCD 2-way SuperCode remote and one 5-button 1-way SuperCode remote.                                                  
  • SuperCode Technology provides up to 2000 foot range
  • Priority icon map with 20% larger display
  • Priority user interface
  • Confirms commands on LCD screen
  • Tone and vibrate alert modes
  • D2D port for plug-in Xpresskit vehicle interface
  • On-Board door lock relays
  • Parking light flash
  • Failsafe starter kill
  • Control center with integrated valet switch and bright blue status LED
  • Flex relays and light flash
  • Revenger six-tone soft-chirp siren
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Comfort closure
  • 5 Auxiliary channels
  • Horn honk feature
  • Stinger doubleguard shock sensor
  • 1-year Manufacturer's warranty

 Please call for a fully fitted Price.


Hornet Alarm 742 t Car Alarm ( Not a Thatcham cat 1 car alarm )





Description: Please Note this entry level Hornet Alarm,
Whilst Giving Top Quality Reliability Does Not Come With Ultrasonics
Or Microwave Sensors As Standard ( movement sensors), Therefore
Will Not Cover
 Forced Entry Through Windows In Standard Entry Level Form.

 Ultrasonic Movement Sensors Add £30.00 Fitted.

 Dual Zone Microvave Add £49.99 Fitted.

 Manufactured by Directed Electronics, this is a fully programmable alarm with the following Standard and Optional*

  • Clone-Safe Code-Hopping
  • Active or Passive Arming
  • Power Door Lock ( cost option*, usually £15.00 ) output with built in relays  that are
compatible with most original vehicle systems with double pulse lock/unlock & comfort options 

  • Panic Mode from Transmitter
  • 3 Auxiliary outputs  
  • Flashing Hazzard Lights 
  • Revenger 6 tone siren
  • Output for boot release
  • 4-channel security entry system
  • Clone-Safe® Code-Hopping®
  • On-board Stinger® DoubleGuard® Shock Sensor/li>
  • Super Bright LED System Status Indicator  
  • 3 Auxiliary Outputs
  • Includes Two 4-button Transmitters


Supplied and Fully  Fitted From £149.99 ( price varies on type of vehicle and location of installation.)

  The Convenient Way To Professionally Secure Your Vehicle .

 car alarms fitted glasgow

Toad Car Alarms. Toad A101CL , Entry Level Car Alarm System

 ( Not Thatcham cat 1 car alarm )

                 discontinued model







The Toad A101CL car alarm  incorporates many covenience  features.
This system is ideal for installation where Thatcham approval is not required.

Security Features


  • Perimeter protection (Doors, Boot, )
  • Ultrasonic Interior Protection
  • Single Point Immobilisation (optional ) 
  •  Micro Siren
  • Red Status LED
  • Secure Radio Remote Control


Personal Safety Features 

  • Programmable Auto Lock / Unlock with ignition.



Convenience Features

  • Remote Central Locking Control (cost Option )
  • switchable ultrasonics
    To Book A Convenient Car / Van Alarm Installation At Your Home Or Workplace Across Glasgow    Or Advice On The Correct Car / van Alarm System For Your Vehicle   
     0330 6600 489 calls cost no more than  calling Numbers Starting 0141 Or 02 Even Using A Mobile,
    They Are Also Included As Part Of Inclusive Call Minutes.
car alarms Fitted Scotland   The Convenient Way To Professionally Secure Your Vehicle .

Autowatch Car Alarms , South African Quality Assured 

 Quality Car Alarms From Autowatch, Used by both Ford And V.W In South Africa

 Your assurance of A Top Quality security System.

Autowatch Car Alarm systems with optional single-circuit Immobiliser.
The Autowatch 88RLi security system
incorporates several sensing systems to protect your Vehicle. Each time the system is turned on,
these sensing systems start to monitor your vehicle and if unauthorised interference is detected,
the alarm system will be triggered. The Autowatch 88RL also features an optional immobilisation
circuit that can be used to increase the level of protection where your vehicle already has an
immobiliser fitted, or to disable the starter circuit (for example) if your vehicle has no immobiliser.

 The Car alarm light (LED) fitted on your dashboard indicates the status of the alarm
and also serves as a strong visual deterrent to thieves. The Autowatch 88RL alarm
system includes ultrasonic movement sensors, which are able to detect movement
inside your vehicle, or a window being broken.



For added protection to your vehicle, a combination of sensors may be installed
with the ultrasonic sensors of this alarm system, such as an impact or infrasonic sensor.
For enhanced personal safety, the system can be programmed to automatically
lock your car doors when driving.

   Call  0330 6600 489.

  To Book A Convenient Car / Van Alarm Installation At Your Home Or Workplace Across Glasgow.
Need Advice
On The Correct Car / van Alarm System For Your Vehicle?
calls cost no more than calling Numbers Starting 0141 Or 02 Even Using A Mobile,
They Are Also Included As Part Of Inclusive Call Minutes.




   The Convenient Way To Professionally Secure Your Vehicle across Glasgow.

Car Alarms Glasgow


Spal AS82 , Italian Design Car Alarms, Loaded with Features & Functions

( Not a Thatcham cat 1 car alarm )




Thanks to the numerous SPAL functions and optionals, you can customise your system
to suit your needs and obtain security, personal protection and lots of convenience.
An absolutely indispensable accessory.



Functions And Features List

2 Remote controls 433.92 MHz Anti-grabber TQV
(Tran.Quantity Verification) With built in battery level indicator .

Flashing Hazard Lights On Arm And Disarm
Gives Full Remote Central Locking  with Total Closure, (Vehicle Dependant)

Perimetric protection ( alarm is directly wired into your existing courtesy light switches)

Volumetric protection . Ultrasonic Interior Protection ( movement sensors )
Can Be Switched Off From Your Remote Control. ( useful If You Leave Pets In The Vehicle)

Engine cut (this system can also immobilise your vehicle from your remote control !!)

Panic alarm ( if you feel threatened at or near the car , press a button on your remote control
and this will trigger the alarm and flash the cars hazzard lights to draw attention to the area)

HIGH Power Siren sir4
Remote control  low battery warning ( when the remote control battery runs low,
 your car will flash its hazzard lights at you to let you know in plenty of time to change it ! )

3 Button / 5 Channel Remote control

Multifunction LED

1 auxiliary output (AUX) ( boot release , pager, electric window lift , remote engine start etc.)

Valet Mode (remote control)

Emergency disarm ( secure p i n override, if you loose or break your remote control when your out and about, your not left stranded )

Automatic/Manual comfort

Output for External modules

Siren exclusion ( if your coming in late at night you can choose to silently arm or disarm the alarm from your remote)

Car Locator ( Great Function, If youve ever lost your car in a car park at night,
just press the car locator
button on your remote control and the cars hazzard light will light up and will stay constantly on for 30 seconds
(wont flash will stay bright on) creating a band of light around your car)

Interior  light switch-on (vehicle dependant feature)

Ignition-activated Door Lock ( anti hi-jack )

External module exclusion

Anti-carjack Mode (Active/Passive)

External module exclusion


Automatic Engine cut activation

Power-locking time selection

Passive alarm

Absorption Alarm.

                              Optional Sensors & Accessories 
Radio Pager
Window Closer
Tilt Sensor
Microwave Sensor
Proximity Sensor
Glass Break Sensor
Shock Sensor
Remote Boot / Tail Gate Release
Car / Van Alarm I

Car Alarms  fitted Glasgow,
car alarms fitted Edinburgh
Car alarms fitted Scotland


   AutoWatch 375 Clam, Car Alarm System.

Now You Can Use Your Existing Remote To Control a Fully Loaded Car Alarm System .


  Superb 375 Clam Alarm System

Compatible with most factory fitted remote control system

Standard or Thatcham upgrade versions

Supplied With   Flashing LED ( visual deterrant )

Ultrasonic interior sensors ( movement sensors) can be switched off when  leaving pets in vehicle

Protects doors, boot and bonnet

Battery backed up siren on Thatcham Alarm Upgrade version

Siren bleeps when arming/disarming (optional)

Locks/unlocks doors with ignition (cost option)

Optional immobiliser output

Override code should vehicles remotes fail

Thatcham Aproval no. cars TU2 1313/0504

Thatcham Aproval no. Vans LCV-TUL1-116-0704
Fitted Prices From £229.99 ( non Thatcham Alarm version ) Fully Installed*
Thatcham 2-1 Upgrade Alarm Version fitted From £269.99 Fully Installed *

  Car Alarm fitted Glasgow, The Convenient Way To Professionally Secure Your Vehicle .

 *Fitted Price Dependant on Vehicle and Location For Installation

Viper 2 Way Responder Car Alarm System System (viper 5002)

This system is Not a Thatcham cat 1 car alarm.







*User-friendly 2-Way LCD REmote with
  the Ultimate 2-Way Security System!


*6-channel 2-Way security/keyless entry
  system (Remote start is not built in!)
*FCC-Legal Remotes
*Responder Technology: Unique LCD
  Interface for 2-Way communication of
  command confirmations and trigger events!
*Clone-Safe® Code-Hopping®
*Alerts users to security system triggers
  by LCD!
*Responder alerts you when too far away to
  hear it.
*Only available 2-Way Remotes with 66-bit
*2 way LCD remote

*Hazzard light flash relay built in
*Remote Adjustable On-board Stinger®
  DoubleGuard® Shock Sensor
*Central Door Locking relays built in
*Domelight Supervision relay built in
*Power Trunk release/Channel 2 output ready
*Failsafe® Starter Kill relay built in
*5 Auxiliary Outputs (Programmable)
*5 zones
*Dual MUX Sensor ports allow easy
  connection of two additional sensors
*Sensor shunt input (Remote Start/window up)
*Independent zone diagnostics for each system
*Retained Accessory Power
*Comfort Closure
*Bright Blue LED System Status Indicator

*One newer style 4-button LCD 489V 2 way
Remote and one Ergonomic Design 4
  button spare
*Valet switch
*6 Tone Revenger Siren
*Remote Panic/Car Finder

*Viper quality, with Limited Lifetime Warranty!

Super High Frequency (SHF): The best range in the industry!
Automatic configuration of transmitter buttons.
All models are Clone-Safe.

Viper 5002 now includes the
XHF Super 2
Way Dipole Antenna with Approx a 1/4 mile



PLEASE NOTE: All Viper Car Alarm Systems Require
DEI Professional Installation for Warranty and Service!
Car Alarms Glasgow, Provide Onsite Professional Installation for all Viper Alarms.


To Book A Convenient Car / Van Alarm Installation  At Your Home Or Workplace Or For Advice
On The Correct Car / van Alarm System For Your Vehicle
Call  0330 6600 489.
calls cost no more than calling Numbers Starting 0141 Or 02 Even Using A Mobile,
They Are Also Included As Part Of Inclusive Call Minutes.

Thank you For Visiting VSSG car alarms fitted Glasgow, Scotland.
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Car Alarms Fitted Scotland,   The Convenient Way To Professionally Secure Your Vehicle



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